Friday, May 11, 2012

11-May-12: If a lethal weapons cache is found and seized and no one hears about it, did it happen?

The IDF seized these lethals weapons of terrorist warfare
from a Palestinian Arab's home in Shomron In January 2012.
The photo was published just yesterday
Here's a small report for those interested in understanding what goes on in this country while the hunger-striking proponents of terrorism (and their supporters) are the almost sole focus of news reporting by the foreign press in Israel.

Quick and smart work by Border Police service personnel last night (Thursday) at Tapuah Junction in Shomron (the Samaria district) enabled them to identify a couple of suspicious-looking Palestinian Arab youths, apprehend them and find the terrorist weaponry they were carrying. A report from The Times of Israel says they had pipe bombs and fire bombs, and are now being interrogated.

Something's doing in the area, as we noted in the past week here [4-May-12: Fewer terror attacks? It's no accident] and here [7-May-12: Caught another would-be terrorist carrying pipe bombs]. Each of these cases has involved concealed pipe bombs, simple explosives that can produce a relatively large explosion with the fragmentation of the pipe itself dispersing lethal shrapnel.

Why the IDF fails to give publicity to terrorism of this kind is beyond us. Just yesterday, they made some small progress in the right direction by publishing a modest - and mostly invisible - article entitled "The 2012 Terror Attacks Against Israel You Never Heard About" on the IDF's own blog. The photo illustrating this post of ours comes from that article. It leaves us scratching our heads over why images like this are almost never publicized.

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