Monday, April 23, 2012

23-Apr-12: Another Gazan rocket explodes in the open fields of southern Israel but that was not the intention

We have just seen a report of another Qassam rocket that was fired by the terrorists of the Gaza Strip into Israel, seeking any Jewish target: a person, a schoolhouse, a bus, a car. This one exploded in open fields in the Shaar Hanegev region, the same place as the one fired yesterday and basically unreported by any of the mainstream news media. Thankfully there are no reports at this stage of injuries or property damage but the thugs who fire these devices and place their lives at risk - given the technologically-advanced state of Israel's defensive systems - do so because they hope for a 'better' outcome. Their religious leadership fills their vacuous minds with visions of Jewish dead and Jewish damage. That's what their culture encourages to aspire towards. No strategic goals. No military attainments. No rules of law or any other kinds of rules other than the rules of the jungle. This is why they are rightly called, and must be treated as, terrorists.

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