Monday, April 02, 2012

2-Apr-12: [UPDATED] Small, seemingly random acts of hate-based lethal violence: another scene from this ongoing war

Recent snap of Sha'ar Shechem (also known as Nablus Gate). It has a rich history.

At the Old City of Jerusalem's Nablus Gate (Sha'ar Shechem, in Hebrew), a man of 55 dressed in the usual black suit and hat preferred by Jewish Haredim paid the price for being in the wrong place at about 8 this morning. Sources: Haaretz and Ynet.

An Arab "youth" whacked him with an ax, inflicting injuries to the man's head and torso, before heroically fleeing after dropping the ax to the ground. The police are on his trail. The Jewish victim is being treated now at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem.

UPDATE Wednesday 4-Apr-12: Israel Hayom, the English-language website of the Hebrew-only newspaper, has this background today.
"The attack occurred Monday at around 8 a.m., when Nachum Weisfish, 69, was assaulted as he walked along Neviim Street in Jerusalem. The suspected assailant apparently noticed Weisfish walking alone and attacked him from behind, repeatedly attempting to strike him in the head with an ax. Lying in bed at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, Weisfish told Israel Hayom, “I was returning to my home in the Makor Baruch neighborhood after praying at the Western Wall as I do every day. I noticed someone running up behind me and tried to run away. When I turned around, I saw an Arab man wielding an ax. I tried to grab the ax and as we struggled it fell from his hand. At that point, the Arab man fled and I noticed that the ax had cut my wide-rimmed hat, which had partially blocked the strike. My kippah [skullcap] also helped block the blade. I phoned the police and waited until they arrived.” A police spokesman said he believed the perpetrator would soon be apprehended. Weisfish, a 10th-generation Israeli, said, “Arabs are testing our resolve everywhere. My grandfather was murdered by Arabs 75 years ago in Zichron Yaakov. I experienced a great miracle.”

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