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8-Mar-12: Job security and benefits in the terror organizations: not what they used to be

Wafa Al-Biss in 2005

Elder of Ziyon posted yesterday (Wednesday) that Wafa al-Biss feels deeply resentful because of her inability to get funding from the terrorists of Fatah to pay for surgery. 

Wafa's story goes beyond your usual unhappy-taxpayer-outs-unsympathetic-bureaucrats disclosure. You can understand her disappointment. She is a convicted terrorist, a so-called suicide bomber who was intercepted by Israeli security at the Erez Crossing in 2005 while trying to smuggle explosives into an Israeli hospital, Soroka, down south in Beer Sheva. She was 21 back then, and had been given approval to cross over into Israel to get delicate advanced treatment for severe burns suffered at home in a gas explosion. 

The logic is fairly straightforward. Since she was a little girl, her dream had been, and still was, to be a shahid (“martyr”) and die for allah's sake. Getting the opportunity to have her body healed by Israelis was the provocation that led her to plot an explosion that would kill doctors, nurses and patients in the very hospital, Soroka, that was going to save her. You understand the logic, right?

Ms Al-Biss went to prison for twelve years because thankfully the alert security people noticed her odd appearance, and eventually saw that 22 pounds of explosives were stitched into her underwear. She is no longer in prison because, like 476 other convicted murderers including this monster, she was freed in round one of the Gilad Shalit transaction in October 2011. 

Wafa Al-Biss in 2011
You can also see why the Arabic-language media pay her attention. When she got home to the Gaza Strip five months ago following her premature release, she told cheering schoolchildren, according to Al Ahram newspaper, that "she hoped they would follow her example... Biss said she had planned to blow herself up at the checkpoint but her detonator malfunctioned." [There's more background in "I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could".] She's precisely the kind of role model that is ensuring Palestinian Arab society's children don't make it out of the Dark Ages.

But here, in Elder's words, is the real point. 
"While other terror groups have been giving jobs to former prisoners, Fatah hasn't offered her anything. She says that she is being treated with negligence and neglect as she gave her blood and years of her life to the cause. Maybe Fatah isn't paying because she is such a failure. After all, if she had managed to blow herself up in Erez, they wouldn't owe her a thing." 
Fatah is headed by the "moderate" Palestinian Arab president Mahmoud Abbas.

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