Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14-Mar-12: They're still firing today from Gaza

In Netivot last night [Image Source]
The relative quiet since last night's rocket explosion in a Netivot public car park was breached this afternoon by an incoming mortar round, fired by the Gazan terrorists at anything Israeli.

This one, according to Ynet's report, failed on all counts. Though the shrill Color Red missile warning sirens were screaming throughout southern's Israel's Sha'ar Hanegev region, today's attack fell short, literally. The mortar crashed on the Palestinian Arab side of the fence between Gaza and Israel, and exploded there. For all we know, a Gazan family may have been killed. But we actually don't know because self-inflicted casualties on their side - a routine occurrence - are never reported. No one, in the news sense at least, cares for Arab-on-Arab injuries.

Meanwhile on the Israeli side, students in the south returned to school today - but cautiously, after three days of suspended classes. The Education Ministry says there was an 80% overall attendance but in freshly scarred Netivot, half the students stayed home or were kept there by worried parents.

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