Monday, March 12, 2012

12-Mar-12: Lest the bare facts get lost...

This car took a direct hit on the streets of Ashdod,
Israel's sixth largest city, today. [Image Source: REUTERS/Nir Elias]
About 190 missiles, rockets and mortars have been fired in the usual Palestinian Arab way - indiscriminately in the general direction of where the Jews live accompanied by a prayer to their god that they find some soft human target - since the latest escalation in this ongoing war started on Friday.

Today has been no less dramatic for the million or so Israelis living at Ground Zero, which means all of southern Israel up to and including Tel Aviv's southern suburbs, compared with the previous three days.

The IDF Spokesperson's office has confirmed the attacks below, but from personal knowledge, with family members living in the cities under siege, we believe the list is only partial.
  • Overnight: Some 25 Gazan rockets were fired into Israel from midnight until dawn. Every one of them was accompanied by Code Red warnings that curdle your blood even if you are used to their unearthly sound.
  • The Iron Dome active defense system intercepted 5 rockets during the hours of darkness. Since Friday, Iron Dome countermeasures have stopped 49 Palestinian Arab rockets in mid-air.
  • Around noon today, the Kerem Shalom border crossing - the main entry point for goods coming into the Gaza Strip - came under mortar fire from the Gazan side. Can another artificial "humanitarian crisis" be far behind? 
  • At about 2:15 this afternoon, a volley of six more rockets struck southern Israel. Three additional rockets were exploded in mid-air by the Iron Dome system, preventing a much worse outcome. 
  • Towards 2:30 pm, Ashdod - a city of more than 200,000 - was hit once again by three incoming Gazan missiles, all of them probably Grads [Ashdod News in Hebrew]. An 80 year-old woman was moderately injured, among other wounded casualties, when one of the rockets made a direct hit on a vehicle [see picture above] in an Ashdod shopping center car park. The residents of Ashdod have been subjected to almost incessant air-raid warnings, exploding rockets and terrifying booms since Friday.
Nitzan, south of Ashdod, yesterday: Running for shelter
as an air-raid siren shrieks [Image Source: AFP / Jack Guez]
South of Ashdod, Israelis take cover in a concrete pipe/shelter as incoming
Palestinian rockets seek their targets. [Image Source:  AFP / Jack Guez]
The Reuters caption reads: "An Israeli girl looks for steel ball bearings on a wall of a school in the southern city of Beersheba, after it was damaged by a rocket fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza March 11, 2012. "
[Image Source: REUTERS/Amir Cohen]

Incidentally, did you see this last photograph published anywhereClick to search on Google now: we think you are going to find it's nowhere. It's our impression that this kind of image - Israeli child under attack, and she's black - is anathema to mainstream picture editors throughout the world. 

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