Friday, January 20, 2012

20-Jan-12: Entertaining perhaps to some, those Gazan Arab rockets keep on crashing into Israeli communities

Not so entertaining: This file photo (a makeshift bomb shelter
in Sderot, Israel) capturesa moment when those Gazan rockets
are fired at Israelis - as they continue
to be, in numbers that the news media simply fail to report.
The terrorists will keep doing this until someone stops them.
Qassam rocket hits western Negev      Published by Ynet a minute after midnight Friday morning: A Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza exploded in an open area in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. The Color Red alert sounded in a nearby town. No injuries or damage were reported.
You won't read or hear or see anything about this in the news media, unless you consult Israeli sources and are ready to read the small-print stories.

That's not to say Gaza is not in the news today. It is. Associated Press is syndicating this report today from the Hamas-controlled city:
Organizers of the Palestinian version of "American Idol" said Thursday the Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers have banned residents from participating in the popular reality show. The organizers said Hamas told them the program is "indecent," in what appears to be a new attempt by the fundamentalist militant Muslim group to crack down on behavior it sees as contrary to its conservative interpretation of Islam. In the past, Hamas has banned women from riding on the backs of motorbikes, women from smoking water pipes, and men from working in hair salons - saying such practices were immodest. Not all bans are imposed uniformly. The ban on competing in New Star came around the same time that Hamas police beat up members of Gaza's tiny Shiite minority while they tried to hold a religious ceremony.
This will be forgotten by tomorrow - certainly by Monday. It's what people know about Hamas and Gaza and the terrorism on our southern border - assuming they know anything: that we Israelis are confronted by people who have a mysogynistic view of popular culture and maybe some internal disputes with obscure branches of their religious community.

It's a shame. What we actually have down there is a rampant terrorist regime presiding over a robust and active terrorist culture, with the terrorist thugs being equipped with an unending supply of missiles, rockets, other explosives and a diet of hate-based religious/triumphalist dogma that continues to poison the minds of their children.

Don't wait for that to show up in the Miami Herald's Entertainment section.

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