Friday, January 13, 2012

13-Jan-12: Rockets; southern Israel; Hamas; media ignoring etc etc etc

Peter Nicholson/The Australian , 2009 [Source]
Same old same old. It's a rainy and cold January morning, with snow falling in the north - but conditions are never too bad for the ongoing, relentless thuggery of the Gazan jihadists.

They flung yet another rocket into southern Israel around day-break this morning (Friday). As often happens, this one hit open ground in the Eshkol region near Israel's border with the Hamas-infested Gaza Strip. This morning's terror attack (not directed at military, not fired by regular or uniformed forces, indiscriminate shooting in the general direction of Israeli farms, homes and roads) came a day after the rocket attack described in our blog entry yesterday.

If you consult Challah Hu Akbar's Rocket Attacks on Israel counter, which we update constantly on the right side of this and every other page of this blog, you see there were more than 40 rockets and mortar firings in the direction of Israel from Gaza during December 2011 alone. Very few are reported in the mainstream media, contributing to the (deliberately) misleading impression that things over here are quiet and peaceful. What's worse, those rockets that fall short and crash onto the Hamas-controlled side of the fence - as happened with another Gazan rocket around midnight last night - and hurt the lives and property of ordinary Gazans go entirely reported, except by Israeli news channels.

Since it's terrorists of which we speak, let's remember there will always be multiple reasons why their cowardly attacks continue to embitter the lives of their hated enemies (i.e. us). Not often do we hear this articulated by a Palestinian Arab voice. But that's the focus of an article carried yesterday by the website of the French 24x7 cable news channel FRANCE24. They quote a non-Hamas, Palestinian Arab, Amin Maqbul from the Fatah terror organization, asserting:
"We know that there are forces of Hamas in Gaza who want neither reconciliation nor to give up their empire, their money or their influence".
How sad that the dirty little truths that underlie terrorism in its various forms are so often ignored: empire, power, money, influence. Add that in their place, such terms as liberation, freedom, human rights and dignity are used when in reality those are the furthest things from the minds of the Meshaals, the Haniyehs, the Abbases and the other 'leaders' who stand behind the terror and ensure it goes on and on and on.

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