Thursday, December 08, 2011

8-Dec-11: Incoming rocket(s)

Around 7 this evening (Thursday), according to Israel's Channel 10 News, a Qassam rocket crashed into open space in the Eshkol region, having been fired from the Gaza Strip. No reports of damage or injury.

UPDATE Thursday 8:25 pm: Rocket warnings sounded in several southern communities, including the city of Beer Sheva, ten minutes ago (around 8:15 pm, Israel time). Still no report of the outcomes.

UPDATE Thursday 8:30 pm: Haaretz says there were in fact two firings in the past hour. The one that crashed into open land near Beer Sheva was a Grad, more deadly than the Qassams.

UPDATE Thursday 9:30 pm: So far, it's 3. Ynet: "Three rockets were fired from northern Gaza at Israel Thursday evening. The fire came several hours after two Al-Aqsa Brigades' operatives were killed in an IAF strike in Gaza Strip. A Grad rocket exploded on the outskirts of Beersheba and two other rockets hit an open area between the Sha'ar Hanegev and Sdot Negev regional councils. No injuries or damage were reported."

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