Friday, December 30, 2011

30-Dec-11: Stopped them this time

News wire picture, one of many now syndicated
and online: "Palestinian  relatives gather
around the body of Palestinian
militant Abdullah Telbani, 22, during
his funeral in Gaza City".
Against a background in which a variety of terrorist gangs in the tightly-packed, Hamas-run Gaza Strip fire deadly missiles into Israel on an almost daily basis, Israel's defence forces struck back this morning.

Haaretz says a team of Gazan Palestinian Arab rocket-launchers were spotted in the act of preparing their latest rocket for firing at anything Israeli earlier this morning (Friday). The pre-emptive strike succeeded in killing one of the rocket men, according to Gazan sources. Five others were wounded; inevitably, they are described as 'farmers'. Perhaps they were. Perhaps they were rocket men.

For its part, the IDF's Spokesman's Office (Dover Zahal) says the people hit by this morning's fire are those who carried out the other rocket attacks on Israel on which we reported in the course of the last few days.

Ynet's report leans to the view that the terrorists were part of the Islamic Jihad organization, and that the five wounded were cell members. Reuters names the deceased as Momen Abu Daf and his gang as the Army of Islam which it calls "a part of a loose network of Palestinian groups that profess allegiance to al Qaeda and which have been reinforced by radical Salafi volunteers from neighbouring Egypt."

Next step in the non-Israeli media's news coverage: wall-to-wall photos of the Gazan funerals, the wailing, the images of 'students', 'farmers' and 'innocent children'. It amounts to more of the usual fare - the constant reinforcement of Gaza as the home of pathetic, victimized, innocent folk caught up in some kind of cross fire with the neighbourhood bully. This entirely disguises the reality that hatred-driven men with rockets and death on their minds have sufficient freedom of action/movement there to launch whatever they like, pretty much whenever they like, with the sometimes-explicit, sometimes-implicit approval of the terrorists who run Gaza.

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