Friday, December 30, 2011

30-Dec-11: Life-saving invention of the year

Israel's Iron Dome counter-rocket defense system has intercepted rockets from Gaza in 75 percent of the cases where it was used to stop them, according to an analysis published today by the Jerusalem Post. “Seventy-five percent is impressive, but we would still like to see it perform better,” an IDF officer is quoted as saying.

The system was first deployed in southern Israel in March 2011. It has been activated during the three significant rounds of violence between Israel and Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip – in April, August and October. During April, it intercepted and destroyed eight of 10 rockets. In August, the score was 22 of 28. In October, 3 of 9 - an IDF inquiry that month found radar failure caused some of the misses, and the radar problem was then repaired. The system usually fires two interceptors at each incoming missile. Each interceptor costs around $50,000.

Israel has three Iron Dome batteries in operation. A fourth is planned for installation in the coming months and a total of nine batteries will be in the field by mid-2013. Few people in this country are under any illusions about the intentions of the terrorists on our southern and northern borders.

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i'm a pro-Israel activist from the SF Bay Area. i engage the leftist morons around here quite a bit on the matter of Israel. i just recently made a video montage of what an utter failure they've been this year i think you will like it: