Monday, December 19, 2011

19-Dec-11: Here's a switch: rockets intercepted in Lebanon before being fired at Israel

A report from our northern neighbor, today. Note that UNIFIL, whose troops are stationed in the region mentioned below for the singular purpose of ensuring weapons like rockets are not stockpiled or fired from there by the jihadists of Hezbullah, are not mentioned.
Lebanese army discover 4 rockets near Israel border | Officials say military intelligence uncovered four projectiles near the Lebanon-Israel border | Lebanese officials said army troops have discovered four rockets near the country's border with the Israel, a Lebanese paper reported on Monday. The officials said it was not immediately clear whether the rockets were primed to fire. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that the rockets were found by military intelligence near the village of Majidieh, where the borders of Lebanon, Syria and Israel meet. Monday's discovery comes a week after a rocket directed toward Israel fell short in Lebanon, injuring a woman in the southern region. Security sources said the rocket was fired from the Wadi al-Qaisiyeh area, about 2 km (one mile) from the frontier and landed in the village of Hula inside Lebanon.
You might want to read some of the background we posted here ("Up north, it's continuing to grow hotter") ten days ago.

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