Wednesday, November 09, 2011

9-Nov-11: Rocket fired on Sderot overnight amid escalating levels of Gaza-sourced violence

The education of Gaza's next generation
A Gazan terrorist rocket crashed into the Sderot area of southern Israel around midnight (Tuesday night). No damage, no injuries according to Ynet: just more terror... again. [UPDATE Wednesday 09:30 And it appears the IDF responded.]

What can we expect ahead? Terror attacks on Israel were sharply up during October 2011: 80, as compared to 68 in September, according to the Israel Security Agency which is charged with tracking such matters. 46 of the attacks originated in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, compared to 12 in September. Those 46 attacks included 52 rockets and six mortars. The numbers in September were 8 rockets and 2 mortars. Not a good sign for the coming days.

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