Thursday, October 27, 2011

27-Oct-11: "Allah granted me success. Do you want me to denounce what I did? That's out of the question..."

We made some points in a blog entry a week ago (see "20-Oct-11: Enough already: A first-person reminder for those who think we objected to the release of a mere driver") about the racism, barbarism and bottomless evil embodied in the woman who murdered our daughter. If our case was not sufficiently clear, the woman herself has come to clarify matters for anyone still wondering.

Interviewed yet again, and surely not for the last time, the convicted murder responsible for planning and executing the massacre of innocents in the Jerusalem Sbarro restaurant ten years ago, and now free (read "Colossal Failure") to be embraced by her countless supporters as a celebrity, makes sure the Arabic-speaking world knows just how proud and religiously fulfilled she feels for the deaths and destruction she made happen.

If you clicked and viewed it, we have a half-serious question. What chance do you think, now that MEMRI have translated the new interview to English, that this woman's blunt defence of murder will provoke vociferous condemnations from Moslems throughout the world anxious to defend the good name of their religion? This barbarian clearly places it at the center of her murderous value system. Does this abuse of their religion not bother them?

The fact that most of our readers will intuitively dismiss the very thought is worth spending a moment to ponder.

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Y. Ben-David said...

One of the arguments that the media used in its brainwashing of the Israeli public to agree to the release of these terrorists is that "Israel is one big family". Where was this "family" feeling yesterday at the funeral of the man killed in Ashqelon when the gov't didn't send a single representative? Well, Ashqelon is on the 'Periphery' of the country and the victim was a member of a 'peripheral' ethnic group in Israel. Meanwhile, Shalit's parents have been invited to the opening of the new Knesset session....our new Israeli celbrities. Will they run for the Knesset now?