Monday, October 17, 2011

17-Oct-11: "These people who are released are going to become terrorists again"

From the BBC today: an article entitled "Family reactions: Shalit prisoner swap"

Israelis who object to an individual prisoner release had 48 hours, starting from Sunday morning, to appeal to Israel's highest court to intervene.

Among them was Arnold Roth, whose daughter, Malka, was killed 10 years ago - when a suicide bomber attacked a pizzeria in Jerusalem. A woman convicted of involvement in the attack is among those due to be set free.

"We're aiming to have her name removed from the list," Mr Roth told the BBC.

"We're doing this principally because we think there is a colossal amount of misinformation about this specific woman. She's actually a monster, on really any view. She's cold blooded and charismatic, she's very attractive to look at and this has somehow bamboozled many of the people who've been reporting about her. She engineered the massacre that led to the deaths of 16 people and 130 injured. And she's been saying for at least five years: 'I'm going to get out. I don't regret a thing'. And she's also said: 'I would do it again'."

Mr Roth added that, in general, he did not think such prisoner exchanges had a place in civilised society. "It has tremendously complex implications for the rest of us, including people who don't yet know that they're going to become terror victims," he said. "These people who are released are going to become terrorists again. They're going to be inspirational. Many of them are iconic figures and we're going to pay a heavy price."

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