Saturday, October 15, 2011

15-Oct-11: Video: The murderer of our child says: "I don't regret anything"

Friday night's Channel Two News (Israel) included a brief interview with Frimet Roth, and much longer interviews with our daughter's murderer, a woman called Tamimi, and with Tamimi's brother in Jordan. The link below is to the video which is in Hebrew and Arabic. We are trying to get English subtitles arranged.

Key points:
  • The woman says: "I don't regret what I did. Why should I regret?"
  • The interviewer quotes her to the brother, saying that Tamimi told him: "She said would do it all again".
  • The woman refers to the religious fanatic whom she accompanied, and who carried the bomb in a guitar case on his back to the site of the massacre, and says the one question that the human bomb asked her was: "Will there be religious Jews there?" She quotes the answer she gave him: "Yes." She knew, because it was she who selected the target site after earlier visiting it.

[If the image above does not lead you to the video, click here for the video page.]

It's inconceivable that a monstrous killer, an ideological young woman filled with racist hatred, an iconic figure who is certain to influence a generation of available and accessible brains throughout the Arab world, should be allowed to leave her prison cell and live as a free person. We must stop this.

She has been depicted in news reports all over the world as the person who drove the bomb to the Sbarro restaurant where the massacre was executed. A mere driver, an accessory before the fact. But this is completely untrue: she planned, executed and celebrated the murders at Sbarro: fifteen people killed (another woman has never regained consciousness) and among them 8 children.

Help us get Tamimi, sentenced to sixteen life terms in prison, removed the list of murderers to be released in the next few days. Please go to our petition, and sign it. Please tell your friends. We have very little time. Click on this link to go to our online petition: Remove Ahlam Tamimi from the list of terrorists to be freed.

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