Tuesday, September 27, 2011

27-Sep-11: From another bereaved parent

"Mourning Under Glass: Reflections
on a Son's Murder" published in
August 2011 is available through
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We received this letter today from Dr Naftali Moses. His son Avraham David, 16, was one of the eight high school students murdered in the cold-blooded massacre at Jerusalem's Merkaz Harav school in March 2008 (we reported it here):
Nothing can prepare one for the loss of a child. Nothing can prepare a parent to hear the news of a terror attack and slowly discover that his son is among the eight shot down in cold blood. Nothing can prepare a father for the heartrending pain that burying his firstborn son brings. On March 6, 2008, my sixteen-year-old son, Avraham David, was killed while studying in the Mercaz HaRav library in Jerusalem. On that day my life changed forever.

In the first year of mourning my son, I often felt torn between the intimacy of loss and its public expression. In one tragic moment, my son had become a “martyr,” and I, a “bereaved parent.” Having already buried his body, I worried how I could ever preserve his memory under the frequently too-bright lights of public attention. Mourning Under Glass explores the tensions between memory and memorial, between private pain and public mourning. Can any of our attempts at memorial adequately recall an extinguished life? Can any give voice to the nearly ineffable pain of loss?

You can learn more about me and Mourning Under Glass on my website.
Shanah tovah,
Dr. Naftali Moses, PhD
Dr. Moses makes his home in Efrat, Israel with his wife, three children and Choco the dog. He teaches Jewish medical ethics. He has written on philosophy in the Mishnah, aggadah in the Talmud and death in Israeli society.

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