Monday, August 29, 2011

29-Aug-11: Mostly ignored, jihadist viciousness is channeled at Israeli civilians, the younger the better

The terrorist's knife
About a thousand mostly-teenage Israelis attending a party at one of the best-known clubs in Tel-Aviv were the target of a single-minded Palestinian Arab with Jewish blood on his mind in the early hours of this morning.

Screaming the jihadist war-cry Allah hu Akbar, ramming his car-jacked taxi into Border Police at a nearby roadblock and then leaping onto the revellers in a stabbing frenzy, he managed to injure eight. Two are now in critical condition including one stabbed in the head and stomach, and two are moderately injured [source].

The club is Ha'oman 17, located on the southern edge of Tel Aviv, and one of several operating under the same name around the country.
"I saw the terrorist with a large knife. He wouldn't stop stabbing. He was gripped by insanity, he thrust his knife over and over without stopping or talking. I immediately jumped on him and tried to take the knife out of his hand. I punched him hard to stun him, but he managed to stab me as well... He had murder in his eyes. It took us a few minutes to subdue him. The club was full of kids. If he would have reached them, it could have ended in a bloodbath."
Ynet quoting one of the security guards
In its brief mention of the attack, Al Jazeera's English news channel, taking the traditional role of querying whether this is really about jihadism, writes: "Criminal incidents are frequent in Tel Aviv." In reality, the scale of the injuries was minimized because of Israeli security vigilance and a realization that the end of the Islamic religious period of Ramadan this week is predictably a time when Islamists execute just this kind of vicious attack. Yohanan Danino, the head of Israel Police, was quoted this morning saying that his forces were on alert ahead of the end of Ramadan which is why the checkpoint was set up near the nightclub.

The attacker, a man of 20 from Nablus, is in the custody of Israeli police after having his injuries treated in a Tel-Aviv hospital.

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