Thursday, August 25, 2011

25-Aug-11: Still more rocket barrages from the terrorists of Gaza

An Israeli vehicle took a direct hit in
Wednesday's night's Gazan salvo and was destroyed [Source]
It's hard to look at the reports of incoming barrages of rockets like those we describe below without drawing the inference that the terrorists of Gaza are engaged in deliberate provocation - taunting Israel by firing off rockets that have not the slightest pretensions to fulfilling a military or strategic role.

Their strategy seems plain: hit anything Israeli - houses, roads, shops, schools, factories, adults, children. And then hope that Israel's response comes. (The cabinet has voted for restraint several times since last Thursday, the day 8 Israelis were cold-bloodedly murdered in this latest chapter of an ongoing war.)

It's a strategy that counts (with justifiable confidence) on the apathy of reporters and their editors who have no intention of publishing news of yet more "home-made" weapons crashing into the desert sands. So long as Israelis are merely terrorized or injured and not killed, it's not headline-worthy.

But Israel's responses invariably are. Visit any of the news photo syndication agencies to see how they dwell on - and therefore promote - images of Gazan families bewailing the death of this or that admitted terrorist (or militant or activist, to adopt the language of BBC, France24, AP, Reuters and Xinhua), and of the injured receiving treatment in Gaza's hospitals.

Context is critical in understanding cause and effect. The Gazan terrorists understand well that Israeli military responses to the indiscriminate and increased fire directed at southern Israel for the past week will be what sets the global news agenda.

That's why it's vital for us to communicate to an apathetic world how the fire from Gaza keeps being renewed and escalated. As we've mentioned here, Israeli intelligence assessments are that there are about ten thousand rockets stockpiled in Gaza, every last one of them intended to blow something Israeli up.

This evening's talley so far, as recorded by the Hebrew-language website:

6:15 pm - Rocket on its way to Eshkol region
6:20 pm - Rocket crash detected in Merhavim region
6:20 pm - Additional rocket crash reported adjacent to one of the moshavim in Eshkol region
6:25 pm - Additional rocket on its way to Eshkol region
6:35 pm - Rocket crashed and exploded on the outskirts of the southern city of Ashkelon
7:15 pm - Rocket crashed and exploded adjacent to one of the kibbutzim in the Sha'ar Hanegev region
7:40 pm - Rocket on its way into Hof Ashkelon region. (Ynet confirms 3 rocket explosions are recorded in last 30 minutes.)

No one here is predicting a quiet night.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

It seems the Israeli government needs to take more action to protect Israelis. when is it going to kick off in the north, the east?? I have written and telephoned the Israeli embassy in London to no avail. I am emailing MPs now. This is an example if the Israeli embassy in London: last year we organised a big rally in front of the embassy to show support for Israel. There was also a Z.O. rally which was not allowed to get close to the embassy but had to move right down the road.We were not allowed to stand outside the gates, and the embassy sent everyone home for the day. This year, while Jews are being murdered in Israel by the same people, they allow hizbollah and hamas supporters to stand outside the gates with no police in sight, screaming death to Israel and bellowing blood-libels and threats and hideous banners! The traitors are within!!