Sunday, August 21, 2011

21-Aug-11: Sunday morning: How long will the government tolerate southern Israel being turned into a free-fire zone?

From Channel 2's live coverage inside the Beer Sheba school gymnasium
hit by a Gazan rocket in the past hour.
A high school in Beer Sheba took a direct jihadist rocket hit this around 9:15 this morning with the missile passing right through the concrete roof. Israel's Channel 2 (you can view it live here) reported from inside the building. While the reporter was updating us, we heard a fresh Color Red (Tzeva Adom) warning, and then the emergency workers in the sheltered zone of the school building where the cameras were doing the coverage responded in real time to reports that another missile had exploded in Beer Sheba, this time - as it appears in the center of the city.

The screen capture above is from the moment when the report was phoned through to the responsible officer.

Our prayers are with the country's political and military leaders as they prepare the steps needed to be taken to bring the terrorist actions to a halt before more innocent lives are disrupted, damaged and lost.  

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