Friday, August 19, 2011

19-Aug-11: Rockets have continued to crash into southern Israel overnight and Friday

Ashdod this morning: a yeshiva took a direct hit [Source]
Eight Israelis died in yesterday's co-ordinated terror attacks carried out by Gaza-based jihadists.

Four of them were civilians in a car heading for Eilat on Route 12 near the border with Egypt. Flora and Moshe Gez were traveling with Shula and Dov Karlinski, all of them from Kfar Saba, when the terrorists opened fire from another vehicle at near-point-blank range. Flora and Shula were sisters.

Three Qassam rockets were fired in the general direction of Israeli communities in the western Negev Desert during this past night. Today, Friday, 10 Grad and Qassam rockets were fired by the Gazan jihadists, landing in the areas of Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva and Qiryat Gat. Most fell in open areas without causing damage or injuries, but one of the missiles made a direct hit on a yeshiva building in Ashdod injuring six people, one of them very seriously. We are getting reports from the Ashdod area throughout the day - the residents are under constant pressure.

In the past hour (it's now 5pm Friday afternoon), two additional terrorist rockets struck in the Be'er Tuvia area, exploding in open space in the region, with no reports of injuries or damage. Incoming alerts have been heard in Qiryat Malachi, Gedera, Gan Yavne, and other southern communities.

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