Thursday, August 18, 2011

18-Aug-11: Today's multiple terror attacks on southern Israel: 3pm update

Israel television's news room is suffering in the same way that the whole population does when a terrorist attack - a pigua - happens: the phone lines to their live-on-air reporters keep falling, contributing to the rising anxiety and uncertainty.

One report - seemingly stronger than rumor though not confirmed: one of the targets of the terrorists was a private vehicle targeted by a jihadist anti-tank (!) missile while driving along the main highway to (or from) Eilat. We hope this proves wrong but the reports are that four people in the vehicle were killed (murdered).

Ronnie Daniel, Israel Channel 2 TV's veteran on-camera reporter is speaking of the involvement of separate terror groups originating in Egypt (JPost quotes Egyptian sources saying that's "unlikely"), and in Gaza via the multiple tunnels that the foreign media love to report on and photograph. He says there are six deaths on the Israeli side.

The main Hamas news site says this afternoon's attacks on the private vehicle and the Egged bus (those green Egged buses are ubiquitous in this country) were actually on "two Israeli military buses" which in their black-is-white-up-is-down ideological sloganeeing is accurate since all Israelis are soldiers, all Israeli resources are military, all Israeli targets - school-children, pizza restaurants, babies in their prams - are military targets. That terminology is at the black heart of their hatred-inspired terrorism.

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