Monday, August 15, 2011

15-Aug-11: Even longer range rockets attacking southern Israel tonight

There are initial reports of rockets - possibly of the GRAD variety - landing in the Beer Sheva and Meitar area around 11.30pm on Monday night. JPost says there were two rockets, and thankfully neither injuries nor damage. More details when we have them.

UPDATE Tuesday 06:00: Ynet says the incoming rocket, fired as so many before it from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, exploded in an open area outside Beersheba, located deep in Israel's Negev Desert some 40 km from the border with Gaza. Protestors in Beersheba's social protest tent site were forced to run to shelter as the sirens sounded. Beersheba's mayor says he will be asking the Defense Ministry to redeploy an Iron Dome anti-missile battery in the city.  

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Juniper in the Desert said...

Sorry, but it is a pity the rockets did not hit the useful idiots' tent. Then at least they would have a) an idea of what the people in Yesha etc have to suffer, and b) what they will get in Tel Aviv once they get their stupid 1948 lines!!