Saturday, July 09, 2011

9-Jul-11: New Israel-reaching missiles from the island of "calm"

The Islamicists of the peace-loving island of "calm" announced today they now have missiles that can reach - and have already been fired into - the Indian Ocean. 

A Reuters report ["Two long-range missiles within range of striking Israel said to have been tested at the beginning of 2011"] quotes the head of the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division saying on Saturday that the Iranians claim a range of 1,900 kilometers. Ramming the point home, Reuters says the goal was "to prove Tehran's longstanding claims it can hit targets beyond its borders... showing Iran is ready and able to hit back at U.S. bases in the Middle East and at Israel... Analysts have often doubted Iran's claims of technological progress in its defense industry which is under tight international sanctions due to Western concerns it is seeking nuclear weapons capability."  
An Iranian news source goes further than Reuters today, quoting Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh at a press conference in Tehran saying:
“We have an appropriate space of about 1000 square kilometers in (our) deserts for test-firing missiles… our missile range is at most 2000 kilometers and we do not need (missiles with) a longer range since our targets are within a shorter radius
It's a puzzle why so-called analysts keep denying what the Iranians so plainly threaten to do, and are doing.

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