Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13-Jul-11: Three more Qassam attacks on Israel (but since they're not reported abroad, did they even happen?)

The result of a previous Qassam rocket assault on an Israeli home.
An explosives-packed Qassam rocket, originating in Hamas-controlled Gaza, crashed into the vicinity of a community in southern Israel this morning (Wednesday). Ynet says no injuries or damage were reported in the Shaar Hanegev region, though everyone paying attention to these endless attacks understands that "no injuries" was not the goal of the terrorists. [UPDATE Wednesday 13-Jul-11 at 1:00pm: YNet has corrected its earlier report and now says "one of the rockets lightly damaged a home, exploding just a few meters away from it." Just the sort of footnote that means nothing to 99% of humanity and everything to the people directly impacted.]

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that two additional Qassam rockets were fired in Israel's general direction last night (Tuesday) from Gaza, with one landing close to a kibbutz and again - through no fault of the terrorists who pray for Jewish injuries and Jewish damage - there are no reports of injuries or damage.

Other than the Israeli media, the usual situation applies: no coverage, no mention in the news media for whom these indiscriminate firings of lethal weapons directed at a civilian population may just as well never have happened. Ignoring these deadly attacks - which is what the non-Israeli media routinely do - is akin to saying they never happened. Or if they did, they never really posed a mortal danger to Israel's civilian population.  It's impossible to understand Israel's defensive measures if the terrorists' actions are systematically swept under the carpet - which we assume is exactly what lies behind the decision of foreign editors and journalists to not report them.

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