Sunday, May 29, 2011

29-May-11: Hamas celebrates in the traditional way

Egypt opened its border crossing with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip yesterday, and the wire services have dozens of photographs of people waiting to cross over or crossing. All peaceful looking folk, like those below. Not a terrorist or weapon-toting jihadist among them.

But this, of course, is not the entire picture. The anxiety in Israel about Hamas' new open channel to fresh sources of war material is widely felt even though Israel continues to maintain an official silence, with neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor the Foreign Ministry making any formal statements on the matter.

With considerably less publicity and no pictures at all, here is what also happened on Saturday:
Rocket fired from Gaza into Israel: army   JERUSALEM (AFP 28th May 2011) — A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel overnight without causing any casualties, Israel's military said on Saturday. "A rocket fired from Gaza landed last night in the Eshkol region and caused no injuries or damage," a military spokesman told AFP
No injuries or damage. As always, this was not the intention of the terrorists who fired yesterday's rocket. They never fire into Israel for fun. It's always about hoping and trying to inflict injuries and pain on the hated Jews, which is one of the reasons why they are called terrorists.


James Jacob P. said...

Perhaps it would help Middle East peace if a Hamas rocket would land on Barak Hussein Obama. A moslem murdered Bobby Kennedy. It seems liberal morons need to be reminded what Islam is. Then they will stop trying to make peace with a demonic religion of war and their stupid talk about 1967 borders and negotiations with the Moslem Brotherhood.

As a Christian I love both Jews and Arabs. Arab Christians are persecuted by the Iranian & moslem brotherhood backed Hamas , moderate Arabs are persecuted by Hamas, and the Israelis should wipe those filthy Jew killing barbarians out in self defense and the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and other apologists for terror with them.

David Pakter said...

David Pakter said...When a rocket is fired into Israel with the hope and clear premeditated intention of killing and maiming dozens of unsuspecting Jews as they sleep, it hardly raises an eyebrow outside of Israel.

After all, if you are a Jew and live in Israel you are expected to accept being killed while you sleep, (or butchered in cold blood as happened to the Fogel Family), as part of the price to be paid for living in the Land of your Ancestors.

But imagine if a single rocket were ever to be fired into London, Paris, Munich, Madrid or any other major International city in the world.

I suspect one would wake up to full page screaming headlines worldwide and the targeted country would mobilize its entire security apparatus, vowing to track down the perpetrators, dead or alive- however many years were required, as was the fate of the late Osama Bin Laden.

And the entire world and its press would give a standing ovation to the President of the country that showed the tenacity and willingness to avenge a stroke of terrorism against its people.

Unless of course the name of that targeted nation was Israel.