Friday, April 08, 2011

8-Apr-11: The rockets of Gaza keep crashing into Israeli targets

From a Gazan tourist snapshot
The targets of the jihadists of Gaza are... anything at all on the Israeli side of the fence between us.

The entirely indiscriminate fire that seeks out Jewish property, Jewish school-buses, Jewish children, Jewish lives, anything Jewish, has continued all day. Three Qassam rockets crashed into the Hof Ashkelon region in the past hour (it's almost sunset on Friday), and five mortar shells hit just south of Ashkelon around four this afternoon.

As always, the firing comes not from uniformed soldiers of some mythical Gazan force but from men dressed as civilians, operating from civilian areas, using their civilian neighbours and their children as cover. This ongoing war has long been an asynchronous war in which the jihadist side knows  literally no limits other than the limits of their ammunition and weapons. It - and the suffering of the people from among whom they operate - will end only when they are stopped, as two Gazan terrorists were stopped this afternoon (IDF press release).

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