Friday, April 22, 2011

22-Apr-11: Terrorists living in the neighborhood

Three Arabs in Nazareth Indicted for Planning Terror Attacks
Three Nazareth residents - Ahmed Ghanem, Moataz Shatawi, and Nour el-Din Shahade - were indicted Sunday for conspiring to carry out terror attacks against Israeli soldiers, civilians, and policemen... The suspects reportedly built makeshift bombs from household items, were involved in illegal arms deals, and planned to attack Israelis. The indictment said the three had used an Internet site to learn how to assemble an improvised explosive device with a USB flashdrive.
Acre-based Israeli Arab lawyer charged with aiding terrorist organization
Israeli-Arab lawyer Suhir Ayoub allegedly passed information between Islamic Jihad leadership, prisoners in Israeli jails. She is accused by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s office of relaying information between a Gaza-based leader of Mahajat El Kuds, a group with close links to Islamic Jihad, and members of the group being held in Israeli jails. According to the indictment, Ayoub was hired by Mahajat El Kuds operative A’amar A’ashur Abu Hamza to pass on the information... 
Shin Bet: We uncovered Hamas terror ring in Jerusalem-area
The Shin Bet announced that a group of five Hamas militants, planning terror attacks in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, was arrested. The arrests had previously been under a gag order. The group has allegedly been operating since Operation Cast Lead, the Israel Defense Forces operation that took place in the Gaza Strip in the winter of 2008-2009. The group acquired weapons with the assistance of Hamas in an effort to sponsor terror activities. One of the group members was arrested in February, prompting another member to attempt to dispose a bomb they had created for a planned bombing in the contested Jerusalem Gilo neighborhood... The cell was preparing to carry out a shooting attack similar to that which took place in the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where 8 students were murdered... Mahmet Dawiyat, the brother of cell-member Ahmed Dawiyat, admitted to preparing a pipe bomb which he said was to be used in an attack on an attack on a bus stop in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo. Eventually, however, Dawiyat decided to discard the explosive device in Jerusalem's Hebron road. In early March, a municipal cleaning worker was maimed after he had picked up the trash bag in which the device was hidden.

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