Friday, April 15, 2011

15-Apr-11: Gazans rocketing Ashdod

There are reports in the last few minutes (a bright and sunny Friday afternoon, with the Sabbath two hours away) that an incoming rocket alarm has sounded in Ashdod and neighboring towns. Residents reported hearing blasts - two separate rocket according to our friends who live there. Thankfully no reports of injuries or damage.

PRE-SABBATH UPDATE: There were indeed two rockets of the Grad kind. One landed in a residential neighbourhood of Ashdod. The intention of the jihadists under Hamas leadership was to do what was done yesterday to the Italian 'human rights' worker, only many times over, and with Jewish victims. Fortunately this time the result was zero losses, but we have been less lucky on many previous occasions. The Gaza regime has many thousands of rockets in reserve, deployed among the civilian population, and many more ("Iran providing Hamas with smuggle-ready rockets") on the way.

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