Saturday, March 19, 2011

19-Mar-11: Incoming missiles everywhere - except in your newspapers

The Sabbath has just ended here in Jerusalem. The air is fresh with the smells of springtime, and the trees outside our front door are alive with the color of new blossom.

Yesterday (Friday) in southern Israel, Palestinian terrorists firing from the northern part of the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip fired 10 (that's ten) mortars into Israel. All landed in the western Negev region, far from Israeli military targets. Ynet reports that some of them landed in on the Hamas side of the fence. Poorly-informed journalists and couldn't-care-less-propagandists routinely describe Gaza as the most densely populated area on earth (it's not even close - even Tel Aviv has nearly twice the population density of Gaza, and there are many places more density populated than both). Still, you might think that missiles fired from within Gaza and landing on top of Gazan heads might cause such journalists and propagandists consternation. Inevitably these cause injuries and damage. But as we know from years of watching, those injuries and damage are never, ever reported.

Though we live in Jerusalem, out of range of today's attacks, it's infuriating to us that such massive bombardments are ignored by reporters and their editors. It's frightening that no one except those living in the area targeted by these incoming Grads, Katyushas, Qassams, missiles and mortars pays attention to them, or understands the message of hatred and indiscriminate death and injury that they intend - so long as their source is Hamas and the huddled masses under the iron-fisted rule of the jihadists.

Today, Saturday - the Jewish Sabbath - it got a lot worse. The thuggish Islamist gangs of Gaza fired what AFP called "dozens of shells" into Israel, wounding at least two people. Hamas took credit, claiming (interestingly, though not too credibly given their ability to direct these things) they had targeted the border crossing points between Israel and the Hamas-controlled territory.

The Israeli count for the day so far is 49 mortars, most of them fired within the space of an hour. The kind of thing you would expect to see at the top of the news headlines, right?

Don't hold your breath.

And when Israel decides, as it might, to keep those same crossings closed in order to prevent loss of life and damage, who is going to scream loudest, do you think, about collective punishment of the suffering people of Gaza, and violations of international humanitarian law?

Sixty incoming missiles in 24 hours. How would you react if it happened where you live?

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