Wednesday, February 09, 2011

9-Feb-11: Blocking terrorists precisely

IDF forces, legally and morally committed to protect an Israeli population under daily rocket attack by a terrorist regime, struck overnight.

They hit a tunnel in the central Gaza Strip, and two facilities that enable mortars and rockets to be lobbed across the security fence daily into Israeli communities. The hits resulted in the destruction of the targets. Xinhua, quoting Gazan sources, says there were no injuries on the Palestinian Arab side. Euronews and Ynet both quote Gazan sources saying eight people were injured, but have no details to offer of who they are or where they were. There are no claims by the Gazans - at least not yet - of any deaths. Precision defence would not be an unfair way to describe Israel's management of this impossible situation.

For their part, Associated Press and the Palestinan Maan news agencies are saying that what Israel really attacked was "a Health Ministry medicine warehouse" quoting as their source "Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya". Dozens of pictures, showing a nondescript structure said to be a medicine warehouse in flames are on the news wires as we write this.

It's worth noting that an IDF announcement says last night's attacks produced secondary blasts at two of the targeted sites. In simple terms, this means the Israeli explosives triggered follow-on explosions on the ground because the sites attacked were factories where rockets and mortars are made and stored. As for the tunnel, it was one of the many that the Hamas regime builds or allows to be built to facilitate terror attacks against Israelis.

The number of mortar shells and Grad and Qassam rockets fired by Gazan terrorists into Israel in the six weeks since the start of 2011 has passed the forty mark. That's about one a day.

Discounting Israeli and Jewish channels, the number of media reports of such terror attacks on Israelis is close to zero.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

What makes me sick, is it is ok for mozlems to kill other mozlems in suicide/homicide attacks - in other words for no rational reason - but NOT ok for Israelis to kill combatants in a war!! No one even comments on these daily mozlem murders, except to blame Israel for them!! The double standard of the rest of the world will, hopefully, return to hit them hard!!