Tuesday, February 08, 2011

8-Feb-11: Gazan mortars fired once again into southern Israel

It's Tuesday, and the restless jihadists of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are again doing what comes naturally. This morning, a mortar shell exploded in a parking lot somewhere withing the area administered by the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. Fired from the northern end of the Gaza Strip, it damaged an Israeli car, thankfully without causing any personal injuries. A second mortar crashed into a nearby field says JTA, damaging agricultural equipment; again we're relieved to say no humans were hurt. Around noon, two more explosions were heard in the area, indicating two additional Gazan mortar shells. Thankfully, no one was hurt but really, it's just a matter of luck since the thugs who fire off these explosives could not care less who or what gets hit or hurt; this is why they are terrorists. Islamic Jihad claimed credit for today's attacks.

No news channel, outside of the usual Jewish or Israeli sources, has reported them so far. As a result, reasonable people are going to find it hard to put things in perspective when Israeli forces take action in the coming hours or days, as they very likely will, to prevent cold-blooded, potentially deadly attacks like today's from happening or from escalating. And without perspective, nothing in this ongoing war makes any sense.

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