Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23-Feb-11: Beer Sheva under fire from Gaza

Beer Sheva neighborhood
Palestinians fire Grad missile at Beersheba; no injuries reported
Palestinians launched a Grad missile from the Gaza Strip toward Beersheba. Local residents reported hearing two explosions in the city, but the police said they have yet to locate the site of the landing. No injuries were reported. [Ynet]

Grad rocket hits Beersheba house
Alarm activated in Negev city accompanied by explosion sounds. Police say residential building suffered direct hit. No injuries reported. A Grad rocket hit a residential building in Beersheba Wednesday. An alarm was sounded in the area at around 9:30 pm accompanied by explosion sounds. No injuries or damage were reported and security forces are scanning the area. [Ynet]

Long-range rocket from Gaza hits Israeli city
Today at 22:24 | Reuters
A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit a house in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba on Wednesday, February 23, a police spokesman said, adding there were no initial reports of casualties. Beersheba is a major population centre southern Israel, about 35 km (20 miles) from the Gaza Strip. Palestinian militants mostly launch rockets that have a much shorter range and are aimed at areas closer to the coastal territory. There was no initial claim or responsibility from any Palestinian group in the Gaza Strip.

UPDATE: Thursday morning - According to BBC News, a second Grad rocket fell near the southern Israel town of Netivot, causing no injuries.

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