Monday, February 21, 2011

21-Feb-11: Quote of the day - Iran takes the prize

The Australian: Iranian Spheres of Influence
From "Revolts threaten to shake the world" by Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor, in Saturday's edition of The Australian [February 19, 2011]
...The gold medal with oak leaf cluster for hypocrisy in the face of the Egyptian revolt goes to Iran. Its leaders have praised the noble demonstrators in Cairo, and attempted to portray them as heirs to the 1979 Iranian Revolution. But even while saying this, the regime has brutally suppressed relatively small attempts within Iran to recreate the protest movement of 2009. It is executing protesters and opposition activists at a rate unknown anywhere else on the planet - it has been executing roughly two people a day. Nearly 70 people were executed in Iran last month, most ostensibly on trumped-up charges, but in reality for opposing the regime.

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