Thursday, December 02, 2010

2-Dec-10: It's hot, and especially on the Hamas border

On yet another day of unseasonable heat as well as truly tragic news from Israel, there are all-too-familiar reports of an attempt by Gazan terrorists early this morning to penetrate the Israel/Gaza border and carry out another attack on Israelis.

Ynet says IDF aircraft and tanks fired on several Palestinian Gazan Arabs trying to cross the border near Kibbutz Kfar Aza around dawn. Kfar Aza, a sun-drenched, almost idyllic kibbutz community created in 1951 by Jewish immigrants from Egypt and from the Moroccan community of Tangiers, is ten kilometers south of Sderot, and unbearably close to the viper's nest on the far side of the border with Hamas-controlled Gaza. In May 2008, rocket and mortar fire from the Gazan terrorists crashed into Kfar Aza and killed Jimmy Kedoshim while he was tending his garden. A champion paraglider, Jimmy turned his love for parachuting and aerial photography into a business. A photo he took of his community from the air, showing its proximity to the misery of Gaza, is above - source here.)

According to Haaretz, the terrorists were laying explosives intended to injure or kill Israelis.

The IDF alert system was triggered and a coordinated operation of the Paratroop Brigade, the Armored Corps, the Engineering Corps and the Air Force responded. The terrorist gunmen were shot before they managed to open fire. Weapons found on their bodies are being analyzed. The men's identities are still not published, but it's a safe bet that photographs of wailing relatives and angry pall-bearers will be on the news-wires before the day is out.

People often observe the disproportionate numbers of dead and injured on the two sides of the Gazan border. Why is Gazan terrorist activity not producing more Israeli victims? Because Israeli defence forces are constantly on the alert. It's not because the jihadists of Gaza have seen the light, but because they are foiled most of the time. Sadly they are not foiled all the time.

Friday morning UPDATE: The terrorists were sent by Islamic Jihad, according to this Palestinian Arab source which quotes a spokesman for the jihadist saying the two were "planting explosive charges in the eastern area in case Israel carried out any attack."

The semi-official Egyptian news agency Al-Ahram writes this morning that the would-be killers were eliminated by what it terms "Israeli occupation forces", making you wonder which territory these Israelis, firing from the Sderot area inside the the 1967 "Green Line" are occupying - not that it matters much to such demagogues for whom Israelis are by definition occupiers.

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