Thursday, November 25, 2010

25-Nov-10: Quote of the day

"Over the past three years, women in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip have been facing a campaign of intimidation and terror that has forced many of them to sit at home and do nothing... But what is even more disturbing is the silence over abuse of women's rights in the Gaza Strip. Has anyone heard prominent Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi come out in public against Hamas's repressive measures against Palestinian women? Where are local and international human rights organizations..? Has any major media outlet in the West thought of making a documentary about the suffering of women under Hamas? Or are they so obsessed with everything that Israel does [or does not do] that they prefer to turn a blind eye to what is happening in the Gaza Strip? Has anyone dared to ask Hamas why sending women to carry out suicide bombings is all right, while it is not ok for them to walk alone on the beach or be seen in public with a man?"
Khaled Abu Toameh, Palestinian Arab journalist

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