Sunday, September 26, 2010

26-Sep-10: Another drive-by shooting attack tonight: Israeli couple shot

In the third such point-blank drive-by shooting in a single month, a woman in the ninth month of her pregnancy was wounded tonight by gun fire around 8.30pm. She was riding in a car driven by her husband (who was also shot) and the shooters were Palestinian Arab terrorists in another car. While none of the myriad so-called factions has taken credit yet, it's bound to be only a matter of time before one or another of them does. Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza with an iron fist, claimed credit for each of the two earlier attacks on Israeli civilians in their vehicles.

The location of tonight's terror attack was Highway 60 at Omarim Junction, in the Mount Hebron area. The couple, Neta Zucker and her husband Sharon, live in the nearby community of Tene Omarim, located just north of Meitar, a Beer Sheba suburb. Ynet says Neta is now in the operating room having a Caesarian section to deliver her baby.

Numerous rock-throwing attacks on Israeli vehicles were reported today (Sunday) in the Hebron sector. There's a general sense that we're going to see more 'heroic' actions like tonight's from Palestinian Arab gunmen in the coming weeks and months.

UPDATE Monday morning: We're very happy to report that the wounded mother gave birth last night to a healthy son.

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