Thursday, September 02, 2010

2-Sep-10: Pal-Arab shooters once more

Hamas claimed responsibility last night for another terror attack on Israeli civilians. This one, thankfully, resulted in no deaths, but served as another reminder that for the heroic terrorist gunmen, their message is intended not so much for us Israelis as for their Palestinian Arab brethren, the real enemy. Their statement, as quoted by Ynet, said Wednesday's shooting attack on an Israeli couple from the community of Ma'ale Efraim in the Jordan Valley was "a message to those in the (Palestinian) Authority who promised the Zionists that the attack in Hebron would not recur."

The "attack in Hebron" is a reference to the execution-killing by Hamas gunmen near Kiryat Arba a day earlier.

Ynet reports:
"One of (the terrorists) stepped out of the car and opened fire at me from a meter away. I unlocked the door and pulled my wife out, and we rolled into the ditch," recounted Moshe Moreno, who was attacked by Palestinian terrorists Wednesday night near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Morano is listed in moderate condition. His wife Shira sustained light injuries in the attack... "We were followed by another vehicle for about four or five minutes. The car's headlights blinded us. I signaled the driver to stop, but he continued, so I stopped, but he passed me." According to Morano, the terrorists opened fire from inside the vehicle, and one of them approached his car while firing his automatic weapon. "At some point, I guess his weapon got stuck. That's our miracle. I have shrapnel in my leg; the whole incident lasted a minute and-a-half," he said.
It's highly likely that more attacks like these cowardly shootings by armed Hamas jihadist thugs will be scheduled to coincide with the Washington conference of Israeli and Palestinian Authority representatives this week. As the Hamas statement says, they have a message to deliver.

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