Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31-Aug-10: Once again, the terrorists deliver their message

Israelis know from bitter experience that when Palestinian Arab political leaders are arm-wrestled into taking part in discussions about peace with the Israelis, other Palestinian Arab political leaders will take the opportunity to remind the onlooking world that they are really, really desperate, and will murder Israeli civilians to show just how desperate.

Tragically it's happening again tonight.

In the past hour, at the entrance to the Israeli community of Kiryat Arba, south of Jerusalem, four Israeli civilians were shot dead by Palestinian Arab gunmen. We know less than all the facts at this stage. But we know enough to report that the four, traveling in one car, were probably residents of Beit Hagai, in the Judean Hills south of Hebron. YNet quotes ambulance officers saying the victims include two men aged about 25 and 40, and two women of about the same ages, one of them pregnant. The attackers apparently followed up the initial volley of shots by walking over to the vehicle and shooting the two couples again at close range before fleeing the scene - a cold-blooded, hate-driven execution of innocents. The vehicle was sprayed with dozens of bullets.

The attack took place just as the Ramadan fast was ending at nightfall. Ynet quotes a Palestinian Arab security official saying this is the work of Hamas. It then quotes Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas terrorist spookesperson, saying the attack was not meant to foil direct peace talks starting today in Washington, but that the negotiations had failed even before starting.

Listen to the words of the jihadists: "This is a natural response by the Palestinian resistance to the enemy's crimes, and is proof that despite the resistance's persecution by the security services and despite Israel's crimes, the Palestinians are capable of responding to these crimes. This is proof that the Palestinian resistance is living, breathing, and kicking."

The jihadists speak very clearly. The question is whether the rest of us are listening.

UPDATE Wednesday morning:  The victims of last night's Hamas ambush and executions are Talya and Yitzhak Ames the parents of six children 18-months-old and up; Cochava Even-Haim; and Avishai Schindler. All were residents of Beit Hagai.

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