Tuesday, August 03, 2010

3-Aug-10: Were they on the Lebanese side? We mean the IDF soldiers, not the Reuters editors

Below is a screen shot of a Reuters image that is being used by media channels all round the world right now. The caption reads: "Israeli soldier is seen on crane | An Israeli soldier is seen on a crane on the Lebanese side of the Lebanese-Israeli border near Adaisseh village, southern Lebanon August 3, 2010. Israeli artillery shelled the Lebanese village on Tuesday, wounding two people, after Lebanese Army troops fired warning shots at Israeli soldiers along the usually quiet but tense frontier, witnesses said".

Let's hope the Reuters fact-checking people and picture editors have done a better job than on those previous occasions involving Israel where Reuters ended up with red faces. Because from what we have been hearing, the tree cutting and general maintenance being done by the IDF soldiers in the images was co-ordinated ahead of time with the UNIFIL offiers, and took place on the Israeli side of the so-called Blue Line.

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