Thursday, August 19, 2010

19-Aug-10: What's Hamas good at?

Try it
In a little-noted but sadly familiar incident, the Gaza City clinic of the French medical organization HELP Doctors was raided by men from the Islamic terror organization Hamas on Tuesday morning. The French say the clinic's equipment and files were seized. It had previously been ordered closed by the Islamist Hamas regime after caring for some 5,000 patients since it opened in April 2009. Its role had been to provide free health care to diabetics, according to the organization's announcement. HELP Doctors said the closure "violates international humanitarian law."

Back in January 2009, the French medics had a different sense of Gaza's reality: "They were "utterly shocked" by the situation on the ground in the Gaza Strip [this report said at the time]. Several of the doctors said they could not believe "the overuse of power by the Israeli army" while another said he saw "internationally forbidden weaponry [used] against civilians."

While they're waiting for the international humanitarian law police to show up and take their statement, someone might point out to the idealistic, dis-equipped French that the goons of Hamas have never had the slightest compunction about undermining, destroying or hampering outside efforts to do for the Palestinian Gazan Arabs what the Hamas regime itself does not.

They have, for instance, frequently rocketed the very Israeli power stations that deliver energy to Gaza [video clip here].

To get a sense of what Hamas is really good at, we suggest Googling the expression "Hamas vows revenge". We did it just now. There are about 76,000 matches.

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