Tuesday, June 01, 2010

1-Jun-10: Heating up down there... again

Islamic Jihad, which operates under Hamas sponsorship from the Gaza Strip, fired off two more Qassam rockets today. Other than being pointed in the general direction of Israel where there is some chance they will kill, maim or destory something Jewish, the rockets had no strategic target. Being terrorists, their operators care not one bit for the outcome, as we repeatedly point out in this blog.

Fortunately the outcome today was that the Qassam rockets landed in open areas, according to the Jerusalem Post quoting the IDF. And an immediate and substantial response by Israeli forces - an airstrike on a certain spot in the northern part of the Gaza Strip - brought an immediate and permanent end to three jihadist careers.

As we pointed out a few hours ago, today was already not a good day for Israelis trying to go about their ordinary lives in the towns and communities near the border with Gaza. Fortunately this country possesses a disciplined and alert military presence to offset the barbaric adventurism of the jihadists.

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