Sunday, May 30, 2010

30-May-10: A window into the real Gaza

As the "humanitarians" of the Free Gaza flotilla get ready to make their grand gesture, time for another gentle reminder of the double-talk, the hypocrisy and the outright lies that characterize the attacks on Israel (and this certainly includes the disgraceful Goldtsone Report) for defending itself, its people and its society from the jihadist onslaught led by the Gazan Hamas regime.


Genie said...

Foreign European invaders of Palestine don't get to cry foul when the owners of the land defend themselves! Duh! Give up such foolishness!

The View from Ramot said...

If you're sufficiently partisan, you can say the Israelis are vicious war criminals, as Goldstone did. Or call them flagrant infringers of other people's human rights, as a host of UN agencies and officials do, while barely concealing their hypocrisy and their agenda. But if you want to frame this conflict in terms of rightful owners and foreign invaders, then you're revealing the sort of profound ignorance of facts that makes dialogue worthless. The Jews have a legal, physical and moral right to the land that is longer, stronger and better documented than practically any people on any land, anywhere, anytime.