Thursday, May 27, 2010

27-May-10: Tensions rising

With the eyes of the world's media focused on the 'humanitarian' flotilla now making its way toward the Gazan coast, here's a brief review of the past few quite tense days of jihadist activity in the area.

Tuesday, two days ago, a terror attack failed near the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip. A donkey was fitted with an explosive device and sent into the area. The device blew up and the donkey was killed, but very fortunately no other injuries were reported. Associated Press reported that a terror group based hundreds of kilometers away in Syria claimed credit for the mutilation of the animal and the attempt to murder nearby Israelis. Their spokesman, named in the AP piece as Abu Ghassan, said some 440 pounds (200 kilograms) of dynamite had been heaped onto a cart drawn by the martyred donkey.

Later in the day on Tuesday, four mortar shells were fired into Israel from Jihadist Gaza. The IDF responded by targeting two tunnels in the northern and southern Gaza Strip. Both were known to be part of the terrorist infrastructure that brings weapons and ammunition into the Hamas enclave. Gazan sources said 15 people were hurt in the Israeli strike.

We referred to the events of yesterday, Wednesday, in an article called 27-May-10: Unreported attack

This evening, Thursday, it's reported that several Palestinian Arabs were injured as the IDF foiled yet another terror attack near the security fence close to the Kibbutz Nahal Oz community. Three Palestinians were spotted by IDF security attempting to plant an explosive device near the fence, taking advantage of the heavy fog and haze that has been impacting the entire country today. IDF aircraft were despatched to the air and opened fire at the terrorists. Shortly afterwards, several mortar shells were fired into the area from Hamastani Gaza, apparently in an effort to cover the evacuation of the wounded. Fortunately no injuries or damages are reported on the Israeli side. Sources in Gaza say that seven Palestinians were hurt in today's fighting

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