Thursday, March 18, 2010

18-Mar-10: How to celebrate an official EU delegation visit to Hamastan

Last update - 12:19 18/03/2010  A rocket fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Thursday killed a migrant worker at a kibbutz in the northern Negev. Paramedics brought the man to the infirmary at Kibbutz Nativ Ha'asara, but declared him dead shortly after. This was the third rocket fired from the Gaza Strip in less than 24 hours, according to the Israel Defense Forces. One rocket hit an open area in the south Wednesday night. There were no casualties in the incident, but two women were treated for shock after hearing the Color Red rocket alert. Two more rockets were fired on Tuesday at the western Negev, causing no casualties or damages. Residents of nearby communities said they did not hear the rocket alert before the explosion. More than 100 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel since Operation Cast Lead ended in January 2009, according to the Israel Defense Forces.
Meanwhile the EU's newly appointed head of foreign policy Catherine Baroness Ashton (today's New York Times calls her "Europe's top diplomat"), arrived in the Gaza Strip this morning. As the BBC points out, she is one of the most senior Western political figures to visit Gaza since Hamas took power. But somehow the BBC fails to mention that the EU formally (i.e. for show purposes, but not really) considers Hamas, which rules Gaza with a jihadist viciousness, a terrorist organization.

If you click the BBC link, you can see for yourself that the BBC manages to convey its report without once mentioning rockets, terrorism or Israeli victims. Do you think they, or she, have even the smallest sense of embarrassment?

Postscript: We now know that the victim of the Gazan terrorists is Manee Singmueangphon, a 34-year-old Thai laborer working under contract in a greenhouse on Kibbutz Netiv Ha'asara.

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