Thursday, January 07, 2010

7-Jan-10: Gazans remind us again of their warm wishes

Far from everyone's attention, two additional explosive projectiles arrived in Israel in the last hour, close to the optimistically named Kerem Shalom crossing (kerem means vineyard, and shalom means peace) courtesy of the Gazan Palestinian Arabs. Fortunately there are no reports of damage or injury. This, of course, is the opposite of what the terrorist thugs aim to achieve.

UPDATE 7-Jan-10: It's now mid-morning, Thursday.The tally has risen to seven mortars so far. 3 exploded in various parts of Israel's Negev region close to the Gaza Strip. 3 more landed near Kerem Shalom. And one failed to cross the Gaza border, presumably landing on top of some hapless Gazans. No reports of injuries at this stage. Israeli authorities have now closed down the Kerem Shalom crossing point. The immediate effect, plainly one that serves the thuggish regime in Gaza if past performance is a guide, is that dozens of trucks laden with aid on the road into Gaza from Israel are now left standing and waiting. These would be the trucks and the humanitarian aid that some of Israel's more shrill critics claim don't exist. The claim for instance that "the beleageured people of Gaza, who have been cut off from aid by Israel... in retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks" are suffering makes some sense only if you ignore the fact that the crossing point through which the trucks pass is precisely the target of Gazan missiles like today's.

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