Wednesday, December 09, 2009

9-Dec-09: It happened at a security crossing... again

At the Qalandiya security checkpoint located only a few minutes drive north of where we live in the Jerusalem suburbs, a Palestinian Arab man of 20 was arrested this afternoon after Border Guards found six pipe bombs on his body. The bombs were handed over to army sappers who dismantled them. The terrorist is being asked to help the authorities with their enquiries.

We hear a good deal about how terrorism has subsided in recent days. The trouble with terror is that it only takes one security slip and those declining numbers are quickly forgotten. The numbers may be down but this has much more to do with Israeli vigilance than with a reduced appetite on the part of the jihadists to express their hatred in the most physical ways possible.

This afternoon's terrorist did not mean to be stopped or separated from his explosives. They were in his pants because he evidently had the urge to go to his 72 virgins and take some innocent Jewish lives and limbs with him.

How good it is to be able to say that this hate-filled loser will not be able to try again, at least for a while.

At the same security crossing on October 25, an innocent-looking Palestinian Arab woman of 21, seeking -- as she claimed -- medical care in Israel, pulled a knife from her clothes and stabbed a young Israeli security guard, injuring him in the lower abdomen. Security cameras captured the attempted murder. The two-minute video shows the guards checking the woman's items in an x-ray machine. They turn their backs for a moment, and she pulls out a knife and stabs the closest man.

Please view the video; it's here. If you do, remind yourself of all those calls for security barriers to be removed and for Israelis to find ways to be nicer, kinder, more accommodating to Palestinian Arabs who pass through those checkpoints daily.

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