Friday, September 11, 2009

11-Sep-09: It's terrorism day... again

Today being 11th September, there are events of various kinds taking place all over the world to remember the iconic acts of hatred and destruction from eight years ago that forever changed the way Americans think about terrorism.

Here in Israel, we've been given yet another in a long, long series of reminders that this ongoing war of terror is serious, destructive and very dangerous.

Haaretz reports in the past twenty minutes that three Lebanese Katyusha rockets have struck northern Israel. They landed in open fields near Nahariya. Very fortunately, and uncharacteristically, there are no reports of casualties.

Haaretz says: "The rockets were fired from southern Lebanon and Israel Radio has reported that the Israel Defense Forces have launched retaliatory artillery into southern Lebanon. A resident of a northern Kibbutz told Haaretz of the rockets "it was very surprising. We suddenly heard a boom. We are very happy no one was hurt."

Israel's Channel 10 has just reported that an electric tower was struck by one of the rockets.

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