Wednesday, July 29, 2009

29-Jul-09: Is it naïvete? Is it ignorance? Is it confusion?

The good people at Honest Reporting ask:

"According to a recent New York Times article, Hamas has shifted from “rockets to culture war” in their goal to win popular support through “cultural initiatives and public relations.” Additionally, the Globe & Mail, Canada’s "paper of record," made similar statements recently claiming by some unknown veracity that Hamas is moving “towards moderation.”

"Are these media outlets woefully naïve or willfully ignorant?

"If Hamas did truly adopt non-violent tactics, could the Times and the Globe please explain why late last week, two Hamas terrorists were killed while handling a bomb which was being prepared for use against Israeli forces? Could they explain why Hamas is currently digging tunnels next to UN facilities under the assumption the IDF will not target them during a future conflict? Could they explain why Hamas summer campers recently re-enacted the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and why its charter still calls for the destruction of Israel?"

And we ask:

Why does the Foreign Affairs Committee of Britain's House of Commons say in a report issued this past weekend (reiterating a call they made two years ago) that they want to initiate talks with Hamas? Is this because they are unable to share the view of the EU and the government of the US that Hamas is an organization of terror and terrorists? Are they unaware of those ongoing acts of terror, of Hamas' unrelenting hostility to Israel and Israelis, to the ongoing campaign of hostilities, kidnappings and acts of pure terror against Israel's civilian population?

What is it about terrorism that so confuses people?

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