Tuesday, February 03, 2009

3-Feb-09: Simply a Miracle

If this is a ceasefire, Israelis might not be able to endure it much longer.

This morning, around 7am when kids are generally starting to head off for school, a reminder of the barbarism that infects Palestinian Arab Gaza crashed violently into the residential heart of Israel's largest southern city, Ashkelon. Not a mortar, this time. Not even a Qassam, as deadly as that can be. But a massive Grad rocket - flung into the air by terrorists operating under the Hamas regime, aimed at any possible Jewish target in range.

Several civilians suffered from shock; a number of cars were damaged and windows were shattered throughout the city.

YNet quotes Rafi Zvi, a bus driver: "The siren sounded as I left the station and began driving. I screamed to the passengers to get out immediately. There are sometimes those who are very confident and just stay there, but this time I had a bad feeling and I virtually pushed the passengers out... We ran towards the Israel Electric building, and as we escaped we saw the missile above our heads and heard a loud explosion. The back part of the bus where quite a few passengers had been sitting was shattered. [See picture above] We were really lucky, it was simply a miracle."

Jewish tradition forbids relying on miracles. Even when there's a ceasefire.

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